Getting Assistance

How to Apply for Assistance

No application form is required.  We simply ask client-patients to submit to us via postal mail:

  • Contact information and a brief description of your situation.

  • An original, signed on physician-specific letterhead stationary letter from your physician indicating (1.) patient status, (2.) diagnosis and (3.) treatment plan.

    • No photocopies or stamped signatures.

  • Photocopy of the bill(s) most upsetting at the time – please include mailing address and all contact info regarding the bill(s).

  • RENT & LEASE payments require the following:

    •  A photocopy of your MA legal rental agreement. This agreement must include and clearly show full contact information for landlord and tenant, along with dated signatures of both parties. 

We review requests for assistance twice a month.  If a request comes to our attention that is very time sensitive, then we have the option to move it to a high priority status.

We are all volunteers and depend heavily on the donations of others to assist us in fulfilling our Mission.  If we are unable to pay a bill in full, then we issue a partial payment to help bring down the balance for the client.

Contacting Us

As a small, 100% volunteer organization,  We do not have office space, nor do we have a main telephone line for requests.  For obvious reasons, we do not provide our personal cell or home numbers.  We depend heavily on email to process our information and connect with clients. Contact Us!

Privacy Policy

All requests for assistance along with any information/materials we receive are of the utmost privacy and are under strict confidentiality policy.  We do not market, share or sell client information in any way shape or form without the express, written consent of the client.